Casa de la Luz Foundation programs support individuals through the end of life process and provide education to the community about end of life care.


Support to Families

The Foundation is committed to providing supplemental support to hospice patients of limited means and their families. Examples of supplemental support include household cleaning, clothing, personal items, food, utility payments, music and books, and transportation arrangements.

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Advance Directives

End of life decisions do not have to be confusing. Casa de la Luz Foundation provides a document called Five Wishes free of charge to help individuals explain their healthcare choices. This advance directive document is recognized in multiple states, including Arizona, and clarifies all of a person’s needs–medical, spiritual, emotional, and personal.

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Events & Education

The Foundation is committed to educating the community about end of life care. Each year the organization hosts a conference dedicated to exploring end of life issues. The Foundation also hosts educational workshops for the community throughout the year.

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Bereavement Support

Community bereavement books and journals are given free of charge to members of the public who are grieving the loss of a loved one and are participating in support groups, meetings, and classes. The Foundation believes this program is vital because of the many services it provides to help families and friends cope with the loss of a loved one.

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